Vietnam, Singapore to discuss contaminated fuel

Vietnam and Singapore are set to hold a meeting to discuss the contaminated gasoline issue involving Glencore Singapore Ltd. The company executives are scheduled to arrive in Vietnam to address the situation after gasoline mixed with acetone was sold and caused a number of vehicle breakdowns.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Glencore Singapore Ltd executives to meet Vietnam over contaminated gasoline issue.
  • Vietnam wants Glencore to take back contaminated fuel, Petrolimex seeks to treat gasoline.
  • Meeting to resolve issue and ensure safety of affected parties.

Vietnam’s Plan for Contaminated Fuel

According to Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper, the director of the Military Petrol Company, one of the two state-owned companies involved in the import of the gasoline, stated that he would try to convince Glencore to take back the contaminated fuel. Meanwhile, officials from the Vietnam National Petroleum Import and Export Corp (Petrolimex) are seeking permission to treat the gasoline to remove the acetone and put it back into circulation.

Impact of Contaminated Fuel on the Market

The contaminated fuel has been removed from the market following reports of motorbikes and cars breaking down due to the expansion of engine rubber parts. Tests showed a high level of acetone (4-7.5%) in the gasoline, which is a common household and industrial solvent often used in nail polish remover. Although it increases the fuel’s octane content, a high acetone content also affects rubber parts.

In conclusion, the meeting between Vietnam and Singapore regarding the contaminated gasoline issue is an important step towards finding a resolution and ensuring the safety of the affected parties.

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