Celebrated poets meet at Master Pagoda

Vietnam is a culturally rich country that offers a unique experience for international guests. The flowers for sale twice a month in Vietnam help track the lunar months, with special significance given to the first and fifteenth days. The fifteenth day, also known as the full moon, marks a special feast across Vietnam, as well as a night for poets.


Here are some key takeaways:

  • Vietnam rich in culture, unique experience for international guests
  • First Asia-Pacific Poetry Festival hosted by Viet Nam Writers’ Association
  • Must-attend event showcasing Vietnam’s cultural heritage


Overview of the First Asia-Pacific Poetry Festival


This year, the Viet Nam Writers’ Association chose the waxing first moon to host the First Asia-Pacific Poetry Festival. The festival took place from 2nd to 6th February and included workshops, sight-seeing in Quang Ninh, celebrations for Viet Nam’s Tenth National Poets’ Day on 5th February, a book-signing at the Temple of Literature, cultural performances, and readings.


Experiencing Vietnam’s Rich Heritage


As a translator of Vietnamese poetry, the author joined a day trip to Thay Pagoda with the international delegation of 67 poets from 26 countries and the hosting Vietnamese poets and translators. The festival was a celebration of poetry and culture, providing a unique opportunity for international guests to experience Vietnam’s rich heritage.

In conclusion, the First Asia-Pacific Poetry Festival in Vietnam is a must-attend event for poetry lovers and those interested in Vietnamese culture. The festival offers a unique experience for international guests, showcasing the country’s rich heritage and cultural significance.


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