Central Highlands coffee growers receive credit loans

Vietnam’s Central Highlands coffee growers have received credit loans to support re-cultivation efforts in Lam Dong province’s Di Linh district. More than 1,500 coffee growing households have received credit loans worth 104.3 billion VND (5 million USD) from the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. In addition, local authorities and the bank organized workshops on effective coffee re-cultivation methods.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Central Highlands coffee growers receive credit loans in Lam Dong province.
  • Lam Dong aims to increase coffee productivity to 2.8 tonnes/hectare by 2025.
  • Viet Nam’s coffee industry receives preferential loans for re-cultivation.

Lam Dong: A Promising Coffee Cultivation Area in Vietnam

Lam Dong is Vietnam’s second largest coffee cultivation area, with over 146,000 hectares designated for coffee growing. The province is aiming to increase productivity to at least 2.8 tonnes per hectare by 2025 and establish sustainable coffee production areas. Di Linh currently cultivates 41,520 hectares of coffee, making it the largest coffee growing area in the province.

Support for Coffee Growers in the Central Highlands through Preferential Credit Loans

The Governor of the State Bank of Viet Nam has announced that the coffee industry will receive preferential credit loans of VND8-10 trillion (US$474 million) until 2016 to implement a program for re-cultivating old coffee crops. This support for the coffee growers in the Central Highlands will help boost productivity and output in the region.

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