The fourth ASEAN Chief Justices’ Roundtable on the Role of the Judiciary in Environmental Protection was successfully concluded in Hanoi, Vietnam on December 14th after two days of discussions. Co-organized by the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the roundtable brought together representatives from ASEAN courts to share experiences and information on addressing environment-related disputes.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • ASEAN Chief Justices’ Roundtable concluded in Hanoi.
  • Focused on cooperation for environmental protection among ASEAN courts.
  • Emphasized role of judiciary in interpreting & enforcing environmental laws.

Focus on Cooperation in Environmental Issues

The discussions focused on cooperation in environmental issues among ASEAN’s national courts, the Jakarta Common Vision on Environment for ASEAN Judiciaries, and the Hanoi Plan of Action. This provided a platform for the participants to exchange ideas and best practices for the protection of the environment. The outcomes of the event will make a practical contribution to the building of the ASEAN Community by 2015.

Emphasizing the Crucial Role of the Judiciary in Environmental Protection

The event emphasized the crucial role of the judiciary in protecting the environment, as they play a crucial role in interpreting and enforcing environmental laws. The conclusion of the roundtable highlights the commitment of ASEAN’s national courts to working together to address environmental challenges and promote sustainable development in the region.

In conclusion, the ASEAN Chief Justices’ Roundtable was a significant event that aimed to strengthen cooperation among ASEAN courts in protecting the environment. Its outcomes will be valuable in promoting environmental sustainability and the building of a strong and unified ASEAN Community.

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