Israeli apparel firm to build $13mn plant in Vietnam

Delta Galil Industries, an Israeli textile firm, is set to construct a new production facility in a south-central Vietnamese province. The $13 million facility, which was granted an investment license last month, will focus on textile and apparel production.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Delta Galil Industries to build $13mn textile and apparel production facility in Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam.
  • Expected to generate $30mn revenue per year, starting 4Q 2023.
  • Aim to capitalize on diverse markets and support future growth.


New Production Facility in Vietnam

The Tel Aviv-based company is expected to begin production in the fourth quarter of 2023, with a goal of generating $30 million in annual revenue from the plant, or 1.3 million products per year. The 18,000-square-meter facility will be located in Binh Dinh Province, in an industrial park in Cat Trinh Commune.

Delta Galil Industries, established in 1975, has a global presence and produces a wide range of products including men’s and women’s underwear, bras, socks, baby clothing, leisurewear, and more. The company has partnerships with top fashion brands such as Nike, Calvin Klein, and Victoria’s Secret, and is also licensed to sell its own products under well-known brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Maidenform. With manufacturing and marketing operations in 20 countries, Delta Galil sells over 500 million products annually.

Driving Growth and Expansion for Delta Galil Industries

CEO Isaac Dabah stated that the company is investing in the new facility in Vietnam to support future growth, as part of its plan to capitalize on the growth potential of diverse markets around the world. The company has already completed the planning work for the facility’s premises and is currently working on the basic design and environmental impact assessment report.

In conclusion, Delta Galil Industries’ new production facility in Vietnam is set to bring about exciting opportunities for growth and expansion, helping the company to further solidify its position as a leading global textile firm.

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