Vietnam vehemently opposes Canada’s passage of S-219 Bill

Vietnam and Canada’s relationship has recently been strained due to the passage of the S-219 Bill, also known as the Journey to Freedom Day Act, in Canada. The Foreign Ministry of Vietnam has vehemently opposed this bill and issued a statement through its spokesperson, Le Hai Binh, condemning the bill as “absolutely wrong” and containing false information.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Canada’s S-219 bill strained relationship with Vietnam
  • Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry opposes bill as false information
  • Both countries must work to restore positive relationship

The Passage of S-219 Bill Strains the Relationship between Vietnam and Canada

According to Binh, the S-219 Bill distorts the history of Vietnam’s struggle for national liberation and reunification, which was supported by the international community, including Canada. This bill has taken a step backward in the relationship between Vietnam and Canada and has caused negative impacts on the growing ties between the two countries. The bill has also hurt the feelings of the Vietnamese people and a large part of the Vietnamese community in Canada.

Despite the efforts made by both Vietnam and Canada to improve their relationship in recent years, the passage of the S-219 Bill has caused significant damage. The Foreign Ministry of Vietnam has expressed its protest to the Canadian ambassador and made it clear that Vietnam views this issue seriously.

The Need for Both Countries to Work Together to Restore Relations

Vietnam hopes that Canada is aware of the negative impact of the S-219 Bill and takes necessary measures to repair the damage and prevent a repeat of this issue. It is important for both countries to work together to maintain a strong and positive relationship, based on mutual understanding and respect.

In conclusion, the passage of the S-219 Bill by Canada has drawn strong opposition from Vietnam and has cast a shadow over the relationship between the two countries. It is crucial for both sides to take necessary steps to resolve the issue and restore their relationship to its previous state.

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