Canh oranges a hit in Hanoi

Hanoi is renowned for its delicious cuisine and unique specialty foods, and one of the most popular treats during the run-up to the Tet holiday is Canh oranges. These oranges, named after the old Canh region located on the outskirts of Hanoi, are famous for their gentle sweet taste, bright appearance, and thin peel. They are considered to have the best taste when grown in the Canh region, which encompasses Van Canh Commune in Hoai Duc District and Xuan Phuong Commune in Tu Liem District.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Canh oranges are a popular treat in Hanoi during the run-up to Tet.
  • Grown in 747 hectares across suburban districts with an annual productivity of 7,000 tonnes.
  • Hanoi’s Department of Agriculture supports farmers to maintain Canh orange’s quality and popularity.

Canh Oranges – A Booming Business for Local Farmers

However, the high economic value of Canh oranges has attracted farmers from other localities to start growing this fruit. According to Hanoi’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Canh oranges are grown in a total area of 747 hectares across suburban districts of Thanh Oai, Chuong My, Dong Anh, and Hoai Duc, with an annual productivity of almost 7,000 tonnes of oranges.

Canh Oranges – Ensuring High Quality with Assistance from Hanoi’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

The growth of Canh oranges not only helps make the farmers prosperous but also contributes to the city’s crop development. Hanoi’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is actively assisting farmers in improving their crop production techniques to ensure that Canh oranges maintain their high quality and remain a hit in Hanoi.

In conclusion, Canh oranges are a delicious and healthy treat that you cannot miss during your visit to Hanoi. Their gentle sweet taste and bright appearance make them an excellent choice for a snack or as a gift for loved ones. If you are looking for a taste of Hanoi’s local specialty, be sure to try some Canh oranges!

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