HCM City sniffs out source of bad odour

HCM City is currently experiencing a bad odour issue that is affecting multiple districts in the southern area of the city. The source of the smell is not yet known, but many locals believe that it is coming from the Da Phuoc Waste Treatment Complex. The Phu My Hung Development Corporation has also filed complaints about the smell, and authorities are working to identify the source and find a solution.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Bad odour affecting HCM City’s southern districts
  • Locals suspect Da Phuoc Waste Treatment Complex
  • Vietnam Waste Solutions asked to improve waste management.

Vietnam Waste Solutions Company Asked to Take Action

The Vietnam Waste Solutions Company, which manages the Da Phuoc complex, has been asked to reduce working hours and improve their waste management processes to address the issue. Other companies, including Saigon Green Biotechnology Company and Hoa Binh Environmental Sanitation Company, have also been asked to review their processes and implement measures to control the smell.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment Conducts Inspections

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment has expanded the search area to identify the source of the smell and plans to carry out inspections and report back by September 6. The city’s authorities are working to find a solution to the bad odour issue to improve the quality of life for locals and visitors to HCM City.

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