Farmers happy with first GMO corn crops, but concerns remain

Genetically modified (GMO) corn crops are generating positive feedback from farmers in Vietnam, according to recent reports. DeKalb, a US company specializing in the sale of GMO seeds in Vietnam, has imported seeds from South Africa and begun selling them to 800,000 corn farmers.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • DeKalb, Syngenta sell GMO corn seeds to 800k farmers in Vietnam
  • GMO corn saves money, fetches higher prices
  • Positive feedback from farmers, concerns remain about long-term impact

Technical Support for GMO Corn Planting

The company and Swiss firm Syngenta will provide technical support for farmers planting GMO seeds, with plans to increase the coverage from 12-15% of corn fields next year to 50% in the next five years. The robust strains of GMO corn are expected to save farmers VND 2-3 million (approximately US$90-US$134) in pesticide costs per hectare per year, as well as fetch a higher price at market.

Profits and Concerns Surrounding GMO Crops in Vietnam

Nguyen Hong Lam, a farmer in Dong Nai, reported a 1.5 times increase in profit from his GMO corn crops. Despite the positive response from farmers, there are still concerns regarding the long-term impact of GMO crops on the environment and human health.

Despite these concerns, the promise of increased profits and cost savings is driving interest in GMO crops among farmers in Vietnam. It remains to be seen how widely adopted GMO crops will become in the future, but the initial feedback from farmers is encouraging.

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