Human resources in digital era to be hot topic of APEC meetings

The digital era is rapidly transforming the way we work and live, and human resource development is becoming a key factor in economic development. That’s why APEC economies will be participating in a high-level policy dialogue on human resources development in the digital era in Hanoi on May 14 and 15.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • APEC to discuss HR development in digital era
  • Focus on employment, vocational training, social welfare
  • Dialogue to develop job creation, cooperation frameworks.

Policy dialogue to address employment and workforce challenges in the digital era

The APEC 2017 National Secretariat has highlighted the dialogue as a key activity this year. Discussions will cover employment and workforce challenges in the digital era, policies for vocational training during the 4th industrial revolution, and necessary amendments to social welfare policies.

Vietnam takes a lead in developing action plan for APEC economies

The dialogue aims to develop cooperation frameworks on job creation, vocational training, and social welfare. Vietnam is expected to develop an action plan that will enhance engagements in these areas.

In addition to the dialogue, other meetings are scheduled, including two separate conferences on labor market information and boosting social welfare, a conference to review preparations for the dialogue, and a meeting of the APEC Human Resources Development Working Group.

Around 200 APEC activities will take place across Vietnam this year, emphasizing the importance of human resource development in the digital era. The high-level policy dialogue provides a crucial platform for experts to share ideas and strategies for developing a workforce that can thrive in the new economy.

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