Minister of Science and Technology met Vietnamese intellectuals in Canada

Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan recently visited Canada and had the opportunity to meet with a group of successful Vietnamese intellectuals residing in the country. The meeting, which took place in August, was attended by approximately 80 representatives of the Vietnamese community in Canada and was a testament to the thriving community of intellectuals in the area.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Minister Nguyen Quan visits Canadian intellectuals to discuss science and technology progress in Vietnam.
  • Vietnamese government prioritizes science and technology, invests through private sector and supports research.
  • Minister recognizes contributions of overseas intellectuals, seeks their return to help further development.

Introduction to the Development of Science and Technology in Vietnam

At the meeting, Minister Nguyen Quan introduced the advancements in the development of science and technology in Vietnam. He emphasized that the government of Vietnam considers science and technology to be a leading national policy and has made great strides in this sector.

In 2013, the National Assembly passed the revised Law on Science and Technology, which seeks to change the current thinking on the sources of investment in science and technology. The revised law emphasizes the role of the private sector and commercial businesses in leading investment efforts, with state-owned enterprises extracting part of the pre-tax profit to establish a science and technology development fund.

Government Support for Research and Innovation in Vietnam

Minister Nguyen Quan also highlighted the efforts of the government in supporting research and innovation in the country. The government has established the National Foundation for Sciences and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) to support basic research and the National Technology Innovation Fund to support companies to organize research and application.

Vietnam is also leading in various fields, including endoscopic surgery, vaccine production, and hydro power production in ASEAN. The country is one of 10 countries producing self-elevating drilling platforms for the oil and gas industry.

The Minister appreciated the achievements and contributions of the overseas Vietnamese intellectuals, especially in Canada. He expressed his desire for intellectuals in Canada to return to the homeland and contribute their knowledge and strength to the development of the country when working conditions become suitable.

In conclusion, the meeting between Minister Nguyen Quan and the Vietnamese intellectuals in Canada was a significant step towards fostering greater collaboration and exchange between the two countries. It highlights the strength of the Vietnamese community in Canada and their continued contributions to the development of their homeland.

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