Stock market gains Taiwanese touch

Vietnam’s stock market has been gaining attention from investors all over the world, and Taiwan is no exception. Taiwan’s Yuanta Securities has recently announced its plans to raise its charter capital in Vietnam, further solidifying its presence in the country’s capital market. Unlike its neighboring countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, Vietnam’s stock market has been seeing a steady influx of foreign investment. This can be attributed to the country’s steady economic growth and positive outlook for the future. In light of this, it’s no surprise that Taiwan’s Yuanta Securities has decided to increase its investment in Vietnam’s capital market.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Taiwan’s Yuanta Securities increases investment in Vietnam’s capital market
  • Vietnam’s stock market sees steady foreign investment
  • Yuanta Securities Vietnam raises charter capital and expands branches in Vietnam

Yuanta Securities Vietnam Plans to Raise Charter Capital

Yuanta Securities Vietnam, a merger between Vietnam’s De Nhat Securities and Taiwan’s Yuanta Securities, has announced its plans to raise its charter capital from $30.43 million to $43.47 million. This capital injection showcases the company’s commitment to Vietnam’s capital market and aims to become a bridge connecting Taiwanese and Vietnamese investors. The securities firm also hopes to bring in even more money in the future, boosting its capital to $64.6 million and expanding with new branches and offices around Vietnam.

Strategic Move for Yuanta Securities

This move is also a strategic one for Yuanta Securities. Vietnam has stopped issuing new business certificates for 100% foreign-owned brokerages, making a merger with a local firm such as De Nhat Securities the optimal route for the Taiwanese company. The acquisition also allows Yuanta Securities to benefit from De Nhat’s existing human resources and branch networks. As Vietnam’s economy continues to grow and attract foreign investment, it’s clear that the country’s capital market will become increasingly important in the region. Taiwan’s Yuanta Securities is just one of many firms looking to capitalize on this trend, and its expansion plans are a testament to the potential for growth in Vietnam’s stock market.

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