Vietnam, Belgium enhance defence ties

Vietnam and Belgium are strengthening their defense ties through increased cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience. On October 1st, a meeting was held in Brussels between the Chairman of the Belgian Chamber of Representative’s Defense Committee, Filip De Man, and the representative from Vietnam, Khoa.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Vietnam seeks security knowledge from Belgium
  • Belgium pledges security cooperation with Vietnam
  • International partnership important for global security

Vietnam’s Interest in Learning from Belgium’s Experience

During the meeting, Khoa expressed Vietnam’s interest in learning from Belgium’s experience in international security activities and informed De Man of the challenges faced by the Vietnamese army in protecting national territorial integrity. He also requested Belgium’s support on multilateral issues related to security and the East Sea.

De Man, in turn, briefed Khoa on the operations of the Belgian army and the role of the defense committee in building its action programs in foreign countries. The Vietnamese delegation also learned about the organization and deployment of fire-fighting and anti-terrorism forces in Belgium and Europe during separate meetings with the Belgian Central Committee for Counter-terrorism and special units of the Ministry of the Interior.

Cooperation between Vietnam and Belgium in Public Security and Defense

Belgium pledged further cooperation with Vietnam in public security and defense, and the Vietnamese delegation also met with representatives from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to request a defense and security dialogue.

This collaboration between Vietnam and Belgium demonstrates the importance of international partnerships in enhancing global security and the readiness of both nations to work together towards a common goal.

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