Vietnamese cuisine among world’s most favorite

Vietnamese cuisine is gaining popularity among global food enthusiasts and has been ranked among the top 15 favorite cuisines in the world, according to a recent survey by YouGov, a UK-based online market research company. The survey, conducted between May and December 2022, collected responses from 25,000 food lovers from 24 countries and territories. Vietnamese cuisine, with 55% of respondents choosing it as their favorite, placed 13th among the 34 most popular cuisines in the world, ahead of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Vietnamese cuisine ranked 13th among top 34 cuisines globally.
  • International recognition growing, praised by chefs and food magazines.
  • Unique flavors, ingredients, and dishes gaining popularity worldwide.

Growing International Recognition of Vietnamese Cuisine

International recognition of Vietnamese cuisine has been growing in recent decades, with top chefs and prestigious food magazines praising several national dishes. In 2017, Hanoi and Saigon, Vietnam’s biggest cities, were named among the world’s best food destinations by Caterwings, a European online food ordering service. The unique flavors and ingredients used in Vietnamese dishes, such as rice noodles, fresh herbs, and spices, are gaining popularity worldwide.

The survey results show that Italian cuisine remains the most popular, with 84% of respondents choosing it as their favorite, followed by Chinese and Thai cuisines. These results highlight the growing appreciation for diverse culinary experiences and the impact of globalization on the food industry.

The Rise of Vietnamese Cuisine Among World’s Favorite Cuisines

In conclusion, Vietnamese cuisine is a rising star among world’s favorite cuisines and is being recognized for its unique flavor profiles and ingredients. As more people travel and taste various cuisines, the popularity of Vietnamese food is likely to continue to grow.

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